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Saturday 14 November 2015

Bomb, shootings in Paris: fatalities, injuries: PHOTOS + FOOTAGE

A bomb and several shooting incidents have occurred in central Paris. Fatalities and injuries have occurred.
According for media sources there’s been an explosion at a bar near the Stade de Francethe country’s national football stadium.
Gunmen also opened fire at a the Cambodge restaurant in the eleventh district and at the Bataclan arts centre where a hostage situation underway.
The French newspaper Liberation is reporting at least four dead but some media are reporting a figure as high as eighteen. Those reports are as yet unconfirmed.

  • At least 35 people dead in various attacks in Paris, according to AP
  • Hostage situation under way inside a theatre in Bataclan area of French capital, around 60 hostages inside, say eyewitinesses
  • Explosions and shooting outside Stade de France football stadium - a football game was underway, between France and Germany

UPDATED: AEDT 9.52am: 14/11:

11 dead in the restaurant attack

15 dead in theatre attack

There were SIX separate attacks

Death toll updated: 60

People have been asked to stay indoors

French President has declared his country's borders CLOSED. Unprecedented, outside of wartime - last time this happened was during second world war.

Via Twitter, FoxNews
French Pres. Hollande has declared a State of Emergency for all of France & has closed the borders.

Sheets have been thrown from apartment buildings to cover the dead 


If you're stuck in Paris, there's a free emergency number: 0800406005.

The DFAT number for Australians concerned about loved ones in Paris: 1300 555 135

UPDATED: 11.32am, AEST, 14/11:

Dozens were dead as violence broke out across Paris Friday night. Multiple shootings and explosions rocked the French capital and authorities suspected the attacks were coordinated.
Dozens of hostages were taken at a Paris concert hall before authorities launched an operation. AFP and the Associated Press reported that around 100 were left dead, citing police.
French President François Hollande declared a stage of emergency and announced the country’s borders have been closed. (SOURCE: http://www.theblaze.com/stories/2015/11/13/several-reportedly-dead-after-shootout-in-paris-restaurant-as-explosions-are-heard-in-area/)
And this, from this Facebook user, a member of the public at the Bataclan venue:

Je suis encore au Bataclan. 1e étage. Blessée grave ! Qu ils donnent au plus vite l assaut. Il y a des survivants à l intérieur. Ils abattent tout le monde. Un par un. 1e étage vite !!!!
I'm still at the bataclan. 1th floor. Hurt Bad! They give the faster l assault. There are survivors inside. They are cutting down all the world. One by one. 1th floor soon!!!!

And later, this:

Vivant. Juste des coupures... Un carnage... Des cadavres partout.
Alive. Just cuts... Carnage... Dead bodies everywhere.


An eyewitness of the Bataclan theatre shooting has just told France Info the attackers shouted "Allah Akhbar" as they opened fire. An earlier interviewee had said the same.

More photos as they come in, via Twitter:

Some footage:

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