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Sunday 22 November 2015

Adele Horin Dies, Age 64

The news of the death of this journalist has left me deeply sad.

Adele Horin - a prolific writer, a staunch advocate of all she researched and wrote about, and an incredible writer on the area of aged care, in which I have long been interested. More on that below.

www.smh.com.au has done a lovely job of putting all her most renowned and well read posts in one link. You can see that link here.

Some of the feature titles include:

The reality of single Australian men in their 40s and 50s

The man shortage myth 

The beauty of artist Margaret Olley's face

Why provocation should not be a partial defence for murder

On Kyle Sandilands being banned from saying demeaning things about women, after his verbal spray against a female critic

Why care workers are demanding better pay

Part of an award-winning series about abuse and neglect in licensed boarding houses

On sexual harassment in the workplace

And: Adele's final post

She wrote, only a week ago:

"But dear readers, my luck has run out. I'm not going to be one of those feisty octogenarians I so admired."

And in the end, folks - that's all we have.

Our legacy, what we leave behind, we choose what that is until the day we die, how we project ourselves, the mark we leave, how we are remembered.

I was a BIG fan of Adele's writing, as it appeared on her blog, 'Coming of Age.' When I researched an article on aged care, for my blog 'The Sandwich Generation', a companion to my book 'The Australian 
Ageing Generation Handbook', it was Adele's articles that often came up in my search. Such articles as:

Caring for the parent who never cared for you

August 23, 2015
If a parent has been mean, unloving or even abusive towards you as a child do you have an obligation to care for them in their old age? It’s a loaded question for many adult children who harbour anger, resentment 

In sickness and in health: what sort of carer will be you be?

October 11, 2015
“I want a Chinese husband,” I tell my partner of 30 years when he arrives at the hospital to see me at 2 pm. “He’s been here since 8 am. He sits by her bedside for 12 hours straight,” I 
And so, so many more.

Adele succumbed to lung cancer yesterday. A former Sydney Morning Herald social affairs journalist, described as being "widely admired for giving a voice to the poor, abused and underprivileged", died on Saturday, having suffered cancer. She was 64.

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