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Friday 1 April 2016

Pornhub: What Women Are Searching For Worldwide

Pornhub has released some interesting stats on the viewing habits of their female audience. What? You still have the archaic view that women don't watch porn? Read this.

This, taken from the report the site has conducted:
To close out International Women’s Month, we teamed up with our friends over at Bustle to bring you the latest data on the porn viewing interests of women. Over the last few years, Pornhub has taken a closer look at female visitors in our What Women Want and More of What Women Want posts. In both cases, much of our focus was comparing women to men to see how their porn viewing habits differ. For Women’s Day, we decided to leave men out of the picture, and looking at how women around the world differ from each other.
In our 2015 Year in Review we found that 24% of Pornhub’s viewers worldwide are women. With over 60 million daily visitors, that allowed us a large base of anonymized data to sample for this report. Let’s start by taking a broader look at the world. Most women in North, Central and South America enjoy viewing the “lesbian” category. It’s also popular is many other parts of the Western World including Europe and Australia. Women in the African Continent prefer to view the “ebony” category.
The following map gives us a closer look at Europe. Again we can see that “lesbian” is the dominating category for women in many countries, but Germany and Turkey prefer the 18+ “teen” category.  Women in the Czech Republic prefer the softer touch of “female friendly” porn. Serbia and Macedonia both enjoy “mature” porn, while women in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus like it “anal”. We can see Kazakhstan’s preferred “big dick” coming in just below that.

The following map offers a closer look at the Asian continent and neighboring countries. “Hentai” is the most popular category for women in Eastern Asia, alongside “teen” in many parts of South Eastern Asia. For the most part, women in Southern Asia enjoy watching the “lesbian” category.

We next looked at regional data for a few Pornhub’s highest traffic countries. “Lesbian” was by far the most viewed category across the United States, so we instead focused on the top relative categories, meaning the ones that are viewed more in each state when compared to women elsewhere in the country.
A few states stand out from the rest of the country. In Washington state, women view “hentai” more often. Californians love “big tits” and Colorado likes “anal”. Up in Alaska women really enjoy “big dick” and Hawaii likes the “Asian” category.

Videos categorized as 18+ “teen” are popular in many states compared to the rest of the country, as are “female friendly” videos. Missouri, Ohio and Pennsylvania enjoy “bondage” videos, while women in Colorado, Indiana, Kentucky and West Virginia like to see “threesome” videos. Perhaps the biggest stand-out is the popularity of “ebony” videos across the Southern States.
Heading up North, we visited our female friends in Canada and found that those in British Columbia view the “Japanese” category more than other provinces, and Alberta likes “hentai”. 18+ “teen” videos are popular in Saskatchewan and Manitoba, and “ebony” in Ontario. Les dames dans Quebec like “anal” videos, and in Newfoundland and Labrador they like rock-hard “big dick”. The three Maritime Provinces spend time together in the “threesome” category.

Pornhub’s second highest country for traffic is the United Kingdom. When we compared the four countries, we found that women were not entirely United in their porn preferences. Women in Scotland like the softer touch of “female friendly” videos and Northern Ireland likes “MILF” more than the rest of the UK. In Wales women like 18+ “teen” porn, and in England “ebony” is viewed more often.

Relative category views help us to see how preferences differ, so we looked at how much more popular the top relative category is in some of our highest traffic countries. When compared to the rest of the world, women in the United States searched for “ebony” 74% more often, as does South Africa with a 95% increase. Brazil and Argentina both enjoy “shemale” videos, while “hentai” is popular in Japan, Taiwan, the Philippines and Mexico.

The final Insight we wanted to share is how long ladies in these countries spend watching videos each time they visit Pornhub. The average time spent per visit for women is 10 minutes and 33 seconds. Women in the Philippines knock that average out of the water clocking in 14 minutes and 20 seconds on each visit. The United States, South Africa, New Zealand and Australia all best the 11 minute mark. Many of the ladies in Europe and Asia come in faster than average, but few get the job done faster than Ukrainians at only 6 minutes and 45 seconds.

The article ends with:

Happy International Women’s Day to all of our dedicated viewers!  We hope you enjoyed our latest Insights.  Stay tuned for more to come soon.

The original article on the (work friendly) Pornhub site here.

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