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Monday 21 November 2016

Maria Venuti Update on Health

An update on Maria Venuti is here and it's looking brighter for the Italian Australian star who was put into an induced coma two weeks ago, following a home invasion in her home by an alleged stalker.

Reporter Peter Ford said on 'The Morning Show' today:

"On the weekend, Maria started opening her eyes a lot more. She actually was taken out of the bed and sat up in a chair. And also was actually taken out of the ICU into a courtyard attached to the ICU unit, so she is still there, she's still in ICU...so she got a bit of Vitamin D, a bit of sunshine.

You don't want to say she's turned a corner... there are still no guarantees. Things are not going to be the same as they once were but it gives a lot of hope and optimism to those who are near and dear to her."

Here is that clip:

Yesterday, long time friend, entertainment reporter Craig Bennett shared this photo and post:

It's now 15 days since the irrepressibly fabulous and stupendously generous and talented Maria Venuti suffered a devastating stroke/cerebral hemorrhage at her home..and she remains in ICU. Her daughter Bianca is so incredible - beyond words, actually..barely leaving Maria's bedside..singing Christmas carols, playing her favourite songs..showering her with kisses..surrounding her with leopard print and healing energy..giving her gold stars for progress..and corners turned in her long road to recovery. Maria is so loved..almost hourly, someone messages asking how she's doing. It's simply this: keep the love flowing. She's a trouper..a survivor..and miracles happen! A trio of 'bosom buddies' ..with Jeanne Little at a crazy party at my place. ❤️❤️🌺

And this from several days ago:

Hi Everyone,
Message below today from Maria's daughter Bianca.
Please keep the Power of Prayer going as this is helping to get both Maria and Bianca thru.
Please remember that Maria needs peace to recover and Bianca knows we are all here for her if she needs us.
Maria is in ICU and stable so lets all focus on what we have, Maria is a fighter and I believe that is what she is going to keep on doing!
If anyone would like to send a message email president@alva.org.au and all has been and will be seen by Bianca and read to Maria.
Love to you Bianca and thank you for the info. Susie x
A brief request amidst all the US craziness... mum is going in under anaesthetic to have surgery on her broken ankle this morning (not one to ever do things in halves!)... and then hopefully her breathing tube can come out soon. 
Another big day of love, positive energy and prayers for no complications - she's done so well and proven what she can do to get to this point... now we just give her all the love... and every chance to get back into heels one day! XX 🙏❤️
She's been listening to some lovely music... Enjoy this song xx

Get well soon, beautiful Maria!

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