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Tuesday 29 November 2016

Roxy Jacenko: Today Extra INTERVIEW - VIDEO

Roxy Jacenko has appeared on 'Today Extra' and she explained where her drive for business came from (she is founder of Sydney PR business Sweaty Betty), and her personal struggles, as well as why she shares what she does on social media, and talks about her "bitch of a year", and a "year that I never, ever thought I'd face", and how it has been very tough but why sees herself as "very lucky."

Ben Fordham starts with: "I knew you when you were a nobody, and now you're one of the most defining women of 2016."

Roxy replies: "I don't know about that... wow looking at that 'Celebrity Apprentice' footage, that feels like a decade ago. Gosh!"

She remembers she was at that studio last when she was interviewed about the series, alongside Stephanie Rice.

Her first job was at a McDonald's drive through, the Drummoyne one to be exact, at 14 and nine months.

"I was straight out there. The second I could get a job I was right out there. And then I worked at Kodak, and then a florist."

Sonia Kruger asks where her drive for business comes from.

"You know I think I was taught from a very young age: if you want, you work. My parents weren't from a wealthy upbringing, they were workers. So for me, yes they could have given me everything I wanted, but they were like, no, if you want it, go out and get a job. So, it was always instilled in me from a very early age, if you want, you work!"

Roxy also then talks about the PR industry she just "fell into" and how stories about her life "became a free for all."

"You have to realise that when you're in an industry where you're asking, say, a newspaper columnist to do a story on one of your client's brands, and then at the same time they say, but what's happening with you, I can't be the person to say: "I'm not going to tell you, I'm ringing you about a particular brand."

"So, it does become open slather, and yes, I call it as I see it, and if someone asks, I am an open book, and I also think that's something that's quite refreshing. I'd rather be an open book than pretend I'm something that I'm not."

Asked about her year, where, as Ben said: "Your husband had a high profile court battle, you had cancer, well you've got cancer, right..."

She answers:

"The reality is... everyone has challenges. My challenges have sort of [been] compounded into a period of four months.

"It was a year that I suppose I never, ever thought I'd face, but at the same time... I've got two amazing children, I've got a business that's amazing, I've got great staff, and I think I'm also very lucky. You know, yes it's been tough but at the same time I'm very lucky, I look at the positives. I think my positives outweigh my negatives"

She also answered the question about "sharenting" - defined by sharing lots about children online.

She admits she's "the poster girl" for it.

"There's nothing wrong with sharing pictures of your children; you do it because you're proud," she says to Sonia, who admits to be a 'sharenting' mum also. "I know we all do it because we're proud. We're not doing it for any other reason. You have to be careful what you share. I would never share a picture of the children in the bath, or anything like that.

"Choose what your share... whether it's on your own page, or on the Instagram of your five year old," she says with a smile, "But at the same time, be smart about what you choose."

Ben asks where Roxy thinks she will be in ten years time?

Roxy replies: "Well, I think I'll probably be doing the same thing. I'm a worker, I always have been. I don't know anything other than work. If I go on a holiday, it means get up in the morning, get onto your emails, do your work, and then enjoy your holiday. So, I don't know anything different, but at the same time... it would be nice to... I was thinking one day of retiring in my 40s, but the way I'm going with my spending habits, there's no chance that's going to happen... but obviously continue with my business.

Roxy also then talks about daughter Pixie's hair bow business (Pixie's Bows), and how maybe she'll retire at six, and "I'll work until I'm 150."

Asked about her husband Oliver, she says: "Yeah he's good, he's good, I mean as good as you can be in that environment.

"We're all very proud of him, he's taken it on the chin, and he's getting on with it."

Here is that interview in full:

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