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Friday 18 November 2016

Paris Hilton on Kim Kardashian: "I'm so proud of everything she's accomplished" + Sydney flashbacks

Paris Hilton is in Australia, and those with a keen eye on pop culture (read: across all things Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian, and how their early relationship was documented in media before Kim Kardashian became 'KIM KARDASHIAN') will recall a visit by the duo to Sydney's Bondi Beach in 2007.

Josie's Juice remembers it vividly, as it made front page Sunday paper news, a dream for the Australian beer brand Bondi Blonde who'd brought Paris out (plus her 'unknown' friend Kim) to promote the brand on New Year's Day.

Interestingly, Paris has just today posted not one but two snippets from the her time in Sydney all those years ago, with the then on-the-cusp-of-stardom Kim K - her star was about to rise, and some would say, would then eclipse Paris's.

She has captioned her pics like this:

 parishilton#CharliesAngels #Killingit at #BondiBeach with their matching metallic #Louies. 🔥👜👯👜 🔥#FBF

  • And:

    parishiltonLast time I was at #BondiBeachit got a little hectic.😹

      As she jets back from her day in Melbourne yesterday promoting her new fragrance 'Gold Rush', to Sydney for her DJing appearance at Marquee on Saturday November 19... it's Australia nostalgia plus for Paris.
      Here are Paris's posts below:
      And PS: a source tells Josie's Juice that Paris and Kim are actually still talking.
      In other news... Kim is only just back on social media (not posting yet) but has just started following... Paris Hilton.

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