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Wednesday 31 May 2017

Schapelle Corby, Mercedes on 'Kyle and Jackie O': VIDEOS

This morning, Kyle and Jackie O spoke to Schapelle Corby’s sister, Mercedes about how Schapelle is doing, whether she'd be the new 'The Bachelorette', those masks, that handbag with missing boy William Tyrell's image on it, and lots more.

Here is the whole interview, in segments:

Mercedes said that Schapelle is doing well, and they chatted about how the family had avoided the media upon her return to Australia - and that this would be staying a family secret.
Mercedes also revealed that she was with Schapelle at that moment she was on radio with the duo:
Said Kyle: “Can I get proof of life, just a ‘whats up b*tches!’
"Just a hello in the background", Jackie added.
"Oh she’s shy!" Mercedes replies. "Give us a proof of life!" Kyle said.
"Proof of life! One hello…" Mercedes pleads.
“Kyle and Jackie O. Hello,” Schapelle whispers back.
“Hi darl,” Kyle said.
“Yeah she’s shy!” Mercedes said.’
“Welcome back babe!” Kyle said.
“Well we got a hello,” Jackie said.
“She whispered it, she whispered it.”
“Well we know she’s alive, that’s good!”
‘Yeah, she’s alive,’ Mercedes confirmed.
And then, this: addressing the rumour that Schapelle could be the next 'Bachelorette'.
‘Is that laughable, or plausible?’ Jackie asks.
"Is that the one where they give out the roses, isn’t it?"
"Yeah, the one where you find love." Jackie replied.
"Yeah, she won’t be doing that! Haha!"
Well, Schapelle IS still in a relationship, with her Balinese partner, Ben Panangian, who she met in prison.
And she added that Schapelle wouldn’t be talking to the media anytime soon... and that media should “go home” and remove themselves from the family’s home.

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