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Sunday 14 May 2017

'The Real Housewives of Sydney': Reunion show VIDEO

Lisa Oldfield, Athena X Levendi, Matty Samaei, Krissy Marsh, Nicole O’Neil, Victoria Rees and Melissa Tkautz return to our screens tonight for part one of the reunion of 'The Real Housewives of Sydney.'

Here is a taster:

How did you react?

Like these people, perhaps? The barometer of TV watchers, the 'Gogglebox' Australia folks?

Here's another snippet from tonight's reunion:

And here's the original trailer:

We also love this article about 'The Real Housewives of Sydney': Top 10 Juiciest Moments.

It starts with:

1. Cape-gate

We got our first hint at just how explosive the Sydney franchise would be when Victoria tossed Athena X’s controversial rope cape into the harbour in episode one. As shocking as it was, it seems most of the women were secretly supportive of the brazen move. “I didn’t expect the cape to go in the water,” admits Matty, “but you know what? I wasn’t a big fan of the cape anyway.” 

6. That napkin moment. 

Never before has a napkin been so powerful! The tension between Athena X and Victoria hit boiling point on the ladies’ trip to Singapore, resulting in the now-iconic napkin assault. When words failed to silence Athena, Victoria flung her napkin, and it hit the artist’s face with an audible thwack. “To be honest, it was unexpected,” Matty says. “Victoria always keeps it really cool, but Athena just kept on going, going, going. I was sitting next to Athena and I could hear that tissue going ‘bang!’”

Read the rest HERE.

'The Real Housewives of Sydney' Reunion screens on Sunday May 14 at 8.30pm EST on ARENA [Channel 105] in Foxtel.

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