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Sunday 6 March 2011

LA Ink: Collection 9 - now on DVD and Bluray

In the past year, she has gone from Kat Von D, to... that Kat Von D.

Personal life aside, Ms VD is heading up LA Ink: Collection 9 on DVD and Bluray, now onsale.

The number one rating Discovery Travel & Living reality series follows the artistic antics of Kat Von D and her inked-up crew.

Overwhelmed and exhausted from mounting tension created by newcomer Liz, Kat and her team are feeling the pressure. With clients in the chair and competition right around the corner at American Electric, Kat’s High Voltage crew need to draw together... but have the politics of running a business caught up to haunt Kat?

The two disc, 8 ep set (approximately 344 minutes running time) is available now.

RRP: $34.95 for DVD; $39.95 for Bluray.

LA Ink: The Complete Season 1 is also now available to own on DVD, RRP: $79.95

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