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Friday 25 March 2011

Who magazine: April 4, 2011: Jolie-Pitts

Oh, alright I'll admit... I love spying on piccies of the Jolie-Pitt twins.

Oh come on, I am not feeding that paparazzi machine - the supply and demand monster which determines the price of pap shots. You think those pap shots of the Ange-and-Brad-fam-outing weren't staged?

You know, an organised photo call to show how they are one big happy (rainbow) family?

And a demonstration of how expertly they can conceal hired help out of shot?


Also in this week's Who, the story on the Renée Zellweger/Bradley Cooper break-up, harrowing accounts from Japan tsunami victims, plus a photo special of Tinseltown's cutie kiddlywinks: from Louis Bullock, to Suri Cruise, to the Beckham boys. Adorable.

Who magazine is out now, until this Friday.

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