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Friday 25 March 2011

Josie's Juice - ta-da! She's got a brand new logo and header!

Oh. Em. Gee.

I am so excited about this post and it has nothing to do with a new product, global edition of a fave magazine, upcoming TV show, or latest accessory or beauty must-have.

Nope. This time, it's all about ME.

Well, not me, technically... specifically, my beloved blog. That'd be Josie's Juice. Y'know, the one you're reading right now.

I am so chuffed - it's had a mini, teeny makeover.

As it heads into 100,000 pageviews since my first blog post many months ago, this l'il baby has had a facelift.

The header! The logo! It's all new, brand spanking new!

And it all came about serendipitously, as the good things in life often do.

You see, my good buddy Adam Cubito - I've known him since he was this uber-switched-on dude working at a media agency - offered up the chance to have my logo and header re-done.

And I thought, well, why not?

He is, after the all, the National Online Content Editor at radio's NovaFM.com.au, so Ads knows a thing or two about clever looking sites and hawt-looking logos and stuff (I am so not a tech-head. But Ads? Totes.)

So, as I have just this second uploaded my new logo and header and let out one of those completely involuntary squeals of delight, I very much wanted to spread the word about his talents as much as I possibly could. (I found I even needed to create a new keyword for my blog posts called 'Cool People').

So, all official-style I wanted to let you know that Adam Cubito is available for freelance design work and you can contact him direct via adamcee@me.com. He does logos, blog headers and any web artwork you fancy.

And I highly recommend you follow him on Twitter here: @gotads.

He Tweets a lot. But he's actually, really... funny.

Now excuse me while I spend another hour ogling and fondling my new Josie's Juice thang.

Okay, that's enough now... back to blogging!


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