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Wednesday 2 March 2011

Vanity Fair April 2011: Robert Pattinson

Robert Pattinson is cover boy for the April 2011 issue of US Vanity Fair... wearing a baby alligator like a scarf for a photograph by VF stalwart Annie Leibovitz.

Pattinson tells the mag he's enamoured with Tai the elephant who appears with him and Reese Witherspoon in upcoming flick Water for Elephants.

"She was the best actor I ever worked with in my life," he said. "I cried when the elephant was wrapped. I never cried when anyone else was wrapped."

And he has loads of praise for his Twilight co-star Kristen Stewart.

"She's cool. Even before I knew her I thought she was a really good actress. Like, I saw Into the Wild, and I thought she was really good in that. I still think there are very few girls in her class that are as good as she is," he said.

Pattinson even reveals his love for Charlie Sheen, Two and a Half Men actor - one of the few shows RPattz says he watches on repeat.

Of Sheen, Pattinson recently declared an appreciation for "crazy people who don't give [a hoot]."

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