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Wednesday 16 March 2011

Like A Prayer: Madonna-inspired Diva collection

Everything about this new collection from Diva taps into my nostalgic psyche:

I was beyond obsessed with Madonna's Like A Prayer (remixes? I had all of 'em, and played them incessantly).

Was more than fixated on crucifixes (being Italian Catholic, it was only natural).

And I sought out any photo shoot featuring Madonna (the top photo, shot by Herb Ritts, and featuring in Australian Rolling Stone was taped inside my wardrobe).

So, these new Diva pieces are all highly covetable for me - my faves are the turquoise rosary beads and the silvery/crystal cluster of bracelets.

On-sale now at Diva stores nationally.

See: http://www.diva.net.au/

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