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Tuesday 8 March 2011

100th Anniversary of International Women’s Day: "Australian Women: Shaping A Nation."

Foxtel's Bio channel celebrates the 100th anniversary of International Women’s Day with
"Australian Women - Shaping A Nation", an exclusive Foxtel special premiering tonight Tuesday, March 8 at 9.30pm.

Foxtel's Bio channel will celebrate some of Australia’s most accomplished women, past and present, with this insightful and heart-warming special.

Hosted by one of Australia’s best known media identities, Ita Buttrose, the locally produced documentary will highlight some of the remarkable women that have played their unique role in the shaping of Australia. From the early pioneers to the social justice fighters to scientists, business leaders, philanthropists, artists and performers, writers, political and community leaders, "Australian Women" is an inspiring celebration of the female spirit.

The one hour television special, launched in partnership with The Westpac Group’s The Power of 100 book, features interviews with GenerationOne’s Tania Major, pediatrician and cot death researcher, Susan Beal, nurse and cancer support leader, Rose Yeung, filmmaker, shark expert and marine conservationist, Valerie Taylor as well spotlighting the amazing work of people such as Jessie Vasey, Founding president of the War Widows’ Guild of Australia and author Miles Franklin.

AUSTRALIAN WOMEN – SHAPING A NATION premieres on FOXTEL’s Bio. channel on March 8 at 9:30pm AEDT.


“All the men in parliament cannot represent one woman as adequately as one woman can represent all women.”
Melbourne suffragist and feminist – Veda Goldstein (1869-1949)

“In family life, loving understanding, intelligent discipline, mutual respect and loyalty give me so much strength.”
Philanthropist and arts patron – Dame Elizabeth Murdoch (Born 1909)

“As a woman I think you’ve got to work harder and think harder and know it’s possible.”
Mining Executive and Philanthropist - Gina Rinehart (Born 1954)

“To dream takes courage.”
World surfing champion and creator of the Aim for the Stars Foundation – Layne Beachley (Born 1972)

“I believe that we are witnessing the third wave of the Women’s Movement: the first got us the vote, the second liberated us from our virtual confinement to unpaid house and caring work, and the third, in the wake of women gaining education, influence and wealth, will see the financial empowerment of women and the resulting benefit to families, the community and the country.”
Lawyer, businesswoman and co-founder and convenor of the Australian Women Donors Network – Eve Mahlab (Born 1937)

“I can never see why it is not considered the hallmark of success to have a brain like a woman.”
Victoria’s first female QC – Joan Rosanove (Born 1896/Died 1974)

“Surely we don’t mean liberty and democracy y for men only?”
Female activist – Jessie Street (Born 1889/Died 1970)

“Australia has offered me opportunities that would have been beyond my parents’ understanding when they stepped off that boat in Adelaide in 1966.”
Australian Prime Minister – Julia Gillard (Born 1961)

“In five years, I want gender not to be on the agenda.”
Lawyer and Federal Sex Discrimination Commissioner – Elizabeth Broderick (Born 1961)

“It’s not in the nation’s interest to have so much talent in at least 50 per cent of the population under-utilised.”
Banker and company director – Helen Lynch (Born 1943)

“It’s all about your ability, not your disability”
Olympic and Paralympic Champion – Louise Savage (Born 1973)

“Our prosperity depends on women. It is time to discard the latent bias that constrains opportunity.”
Corporate Leader – Anne Sherry (Born 1964)

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