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Sunday 13 March 2011

Sami's Baby - Sami Lukis's quest to become a mother

Wanting a baby, but not being able to conceive - or not having found a partner with whom to have children - must be one of life's most heartbreaking predicaments.

And it's one happening to Australian TV and radio identity Sami Lukis.

On Monday March 21, Sami will reveal onscreen what she has been through in her quest to have a baby - on her own.

In the premiere entitled Australians Exposed - Sami's Baby, Sami lays herself bare. She has a successful media career, a great group of friends... but she feels something is missing.

Just before Sami turned 40, her grandmother passed away. When Sami and her multi-generational family came together during this emotional time, it suddenly hit her: “Where’s my family?” she asks herself.

Sami is about to discover some confronting statistics. The proportion of women remaining childless has increased over time in each age group. For women aged 25 and 29 years in 1981, 25% were childless, while in 2001 59% of women in the same age group were childless.

In the program, cameras follow Sami as she begins her journey, with the doco following Sami as she 'searches' for a family. She meets fertility experts, herbalists, asks her flatmate for his sperm, checks out international donor sperm websites, grills her married friends, and keeps up the search for a partner - the latter of which happens.

So now what?

Watch the world premiere of Australians Exposed - Sami's Baby, Monday 21 March at 9.30pm, on LifeStyle You, available on Foxtel and Austar.

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