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Friday 8 July 2011

Marie Claire Australia: August 2011

The latest issue of marie claire Australia is a beauty.

Not only is one of the world's most breathtaking women - Kim Kardashian - on the cover, it's packed with great reads and inspirational stories.

Oh yes, and plenty of the good bits: fashion and beauty pages galore.

My fave story of the August issue is the piece on the FOMO phenomenon.

FOMO? Yes, Fear of Missing Out.

How do you know you have that affliction? It is defined as "the anxiety, irritation, frustration and envy that other people's social media updates can induce in us".

I find this whole phenomenon rather hilarious. And definitely on the money.

Just recently I lamented (on Facebook, of course) that it suddenly dawned on me that particular 'friends' of mine on Facebook were my 'buddies' because they wanted to simply see what I was up to. But not in an encouraging, 'I am happy for you' way. More, a 'doesn't she have kids and shouldn't she be at home' kinda way.

My best friend agreed. "You do have an exciting life. I'd wanna be spying on you, too."

Thing is, she knows better than anyone that my life is also pretty crappy at times, too. And full-on. But why on earth would I want to 'excite' my friends with updates like, "Oooh, junior has missed the potty. Again."


No, instead I regale stories about the social events I attend, the fun stuff I get to do in line with my work. Do they think they are 'missing out'? Hey, that's not my problem! Do other people's status updates have an adverse effect on me? Not particularly. I know that we all cherry pick what we want to share. It makes complete sense. And Facebook and Twitter are the perfect vehicles for the fan of the over-share and serves as a perfect online brag book.

Other brilliant stories in this issue are a profile and pictorial piece on Lady Gaga, to coincide with her Australian visit, and an interview with Kim K.

Another good read is 'What It's Really Like To Have Sex With...', with the writer asking women who have slept with, for example, a fireman, rock star, your boss, and a much younger man, what it's really like. Def. inneresting...

And finally, the piece entitled 'How Old Do You Look/Feel' is a great read on how eight women feel about their appearance and their age (for someone pushing the big 4-Oh, it certainly resonates with me).

The August issue of marie claire is onsale now.

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