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Friday 8 July 2011

Rhymes Kids Music Festival Australia

If you were a music festival goer (gumboots, ripped denim, straw hat, lollipops) before the kiddlywinks came along and crave some semblance of a festival set-up for your mini-mes, this festival is for you. And the family.

It's called the Rhymes Kids Music Festival.

Rhymes Tour Director Adam Coward says: “Kids Music has made massive leaps forward with modern musicians becoming parents and wanting to create new genres and styles that not only their kids will like, but, they can enjoy just as much”.

'With K(indie) Rock' and 'KidHop' emerging as new genres (oh yes, where have you been?!) the musical worlds of parents and their children are kinda getting muddled. Yikes!

“We’ve seen this convergence happen in kids movies” says Mr Coward. “Shrek, Toy Story, Madagascar, Megamind, they are engaging the adult mind as well, allowing parents and children to sit together and enjoy the movie experience. We’re now seeing the same thing with music and it’s very exciting”.

For example, one of the acts at the Festival is Electric Lunchbox (Sydney), with complex harmonies, brilliant samples, effects, and lyrics that promise to leave little ones sporadically repeating them throughout the day (is that a good thing?). Meanwhile, Spikey & Friends (Byron Bay) will get rocking out to “Caterpillars Turning into Butterflies”.

Then there is Brett Campbell (Caboolture) with “Scary Monster” which takes you back to childhood memories of gurgling monsters in the drain (what? That's a myth, then?!)

These will no doubt be surprise packages amongst the big drawcards of perennial favourites including Hi-5, Zing Zillas, LazyTown, Justine Clarke, old fave Peter Combe - the man who started it all in Australia and is now making a big comeback.

What we are most looking forward to as a family of four is giving our kids their very first 'festival' experience, with fab music running on multiple stages (yes! multiples stages!) all day.

Check the site for where the 'headline acts' will be playing (in addition to the above acts, there will be Yo Gabba Gabba, Ben 10, Angelina Ballerina, Raggs, Tweenies, and more). The event will also allow emerging young music artists a stage in front of up to 10,000 to demo their new style of kids' music.

Plus, there will be lots of great interactive extras at each festival like magic light shows, silent dance discos, and cool exhibitor/'have a go' zones.

Thousands of tickets have already been sold and the rest are selling fast.

The tour dates are:


See http://www.rhymesfestival.com.au/ for more info on the event and on ticket sales.

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