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Friday 13 March 2015

ASTRAs 2015: VIDEOS - What the 20 year subscription TV anniversary means to them

The ASTRA Awards took place in Sydney last night at The Star, and it was not only the stellar Australian pay TV awards night, it was also a chance to look back on twenty years of subscription TV in Australia.

And as I was very happy to admit last night - as were several guests on the red carpet - who can live without their Foxtel IQ DVR? I can't! It's my pseudo husband when the actual husband sleeps.

A little more about ASTRA.

From their website:

The Australian Subscription Television and Radio Association (ASTRA) is the peak body representing the subscription media industry in Australia.
ASTRA members include independent content providers, subscription-funded distribution platforms, media sales agencies, technology and communications companies, and the industries that support them.
We support the development of subscription media through open markets, free competition and the protection of intellectual property rights.
Together, ASTRA members produce and distribute screen content that reaches more than one third of Australians.  In 2013/14 they invested more than $600 million in local content production, added $1.9 billion to the economy, and created jobs for 6600 Australians.
ASTRA manages codes of practice, distributes ratings data, organises awards and conferences, and represents the industry with regulators, government and the media.

Enjoy the Josie's Juice clips, below:

Here, Andrew Maiden - the CEO of ASTRA - tells Josie's Juice what twenty years of subscription TV means to the TV landscape:

Sophie Falkiner tells of her involvement with pay TV:

Richard Reid has given Josie's Juice a scoop - what's next for him? I think we got some very big hints here… and, I think Foxtel has snapped him up…?

The truly excellent Australian TV stalwart and historian Andrew Mercado (I interviewed him many years ago when he released his first book), talk about his involvement with Foxtel, and later we chat about how the Foxtel IQ makes the perfect partner. Agreed, Andrew!

The super sweet Naomi Sequeira (looking stunning in Topshop, by the way) from 'Hanging With Adam and Naomi' on Foxtel's The Disney Channel tells why she's thrilled to be at the event:

The truly delightful Robert Irwin from Discovery Channel show 'Wild But True' tells why he is so happy to be part of the TV community. And by the way: Robert is one of the most beautiful young kids I've met. Grounded, courteous, an infectious enthusiasm… his mother should take the credit for raising two beautiful kids. And yes, I told her so!

And here, Terri Irwin tells how proud she is of her son Robert. So she should be!

And here, movie industry favourite, and recent addition to the Foxtel movie family Margaret Pomeranz tells us why she loves introducing movie for Foxtel:

Braith Anasta on being his first ASTRAs: 

Jaynie Seal on the Sky channel being up for an award (they won it!)

Antonia Kidman and her gorgeous 16 year old daughter Lucia, on being with the Foxtel family:

Sandy Williams from Fox Sports on the excitement of the night:

Eddie McGuire on the longevity of pay TV and his anticipation for the night:

Carissa Walfold on enjoying the night as a guest:

Didier Cohen and Cheyenne Tozzi on being in the Foxtel family:

Kate Peck on the ASTRAs:

See more of what the Australian subscription TV stars wore in red carpet blog post here and here and here.

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