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Wednesday 2 September 2015

French Tourist Pregnancy Hoax: VIDEO - Natalie Amyot

Another day, another viral video... hoax.

That 'French pregnant girl, looking for her baby-daddy?

She "found him."

The young woman, going by the name Natalie Amyot, appears in a new, just-in video with man (Andy Sellar) who say that the video was a marketing stunt for a lettings company to holiday in Mooloolaba.

He recognises that some people will be upset by the stunt.

Some people offered support to 'Natalie' - on a Facebook page set up specifically to help with the search she wrote: “Thank you for the kind thoughts. your support has made me cry”.

Some smelt a rat immediately, though, saying the search was fake.

Here is what he said:

Your thoughts?

Here is the original video:

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