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Tuesday 1 September 2015

Monika Radulovic: Interview + PHOTOS Novo Shoes, Hypoxi and Miss Universe Australia

Monika Radulovic is one of the freshest, most exciting faces to come from the Miss Universe campaign.

The 24 year old beauty, born in Zavidovici (Bosnia and Herzegovina), made her mark at this year's Australian Miss Universe event, held in Melbourne on June 5, at the Sofitel Melbourne on Collins. Here is the moment Monika won the title:

Her parents - Goran and Vinka - are of Bosnian Serbian ethnicity, and her family came to Australia as refugees from the Bosnian War when Monika was four, after fleeing the country with her parents at the age of two when the Yugoslavian war erupted. After living as refugees in Denmark for one year, Monika’s family migrated to Australia when she was just four. Monika is multilingual, speaking English, Serbian, Bosnian, Croatian and a little Macedonian.

Monika is representative of the new wave of pageant entrants, turning the concept of 'just a pretty face' on its head: educated, accomplished, ambitious, health and image conscious, and very business savvy.

In line with that, exciting news just in for Monika is that she is the new face of hugely popular Novo Shoes brand.

Here is a campaign shot of Monika, with more beautiful Novo photos below:

Monika is also an ambassador for Antler Luggage and Elucent Skincare, as well as Novo Shoe, and is set to feature in national campaigns for all three brands. She is also featuring in press for the Hypoxi brand, where she has experienced treatments (Josie's Juice did last year, too, and is about to get back on the horse...) 
Josie's Juice is thrilled to have interviewed Monika about her exciting new life since winning the title to represent Australia. The young woman follows on from past Miss Universe delegates including Jesinta Campbell, Rachael Finch, Laura Dundovic, Erin McNaught, and of course, Jennifer Hawkins.
Monika graduated with Honours in Psychology at the University of Western Sydney, and has hopes to continue her post graduate studies, undertaking a master’s degree in Clinical Psychology.
And after her success as Australia's winner for Miss Universe (she beat 34 other ladies to the title at the annual Miss Universe Australia pageant), she will represent our country when the global Miss Universe winner is announced later this year.
The pageant is owned by Donald Trump and NBC, and we think Monika has an exceptional chance of winning the whole thing. Yes, we're calling it...

Can you believe the Miss Universe telecast is the second most watched event in the world, with over 1 billion viewers, following the World Cup broadcast.

Miss Universe Australia has had two international winners: Kerry Anne Wells in 1972 and of course Jennifer Hawkins in 2004. The international Miss Universe pageant date this year, and location, is yet to be announced.

And, another point of difference with Monika: she is the first ever Miss Universe Australia contestant to have been crowned while engaged (as far as organisers know!). She is set to marry Alesandro Ljubicic, a celebrated local contemporary artist, though no date has been announced yet (no doubt, after the Miss Universe ceremony).

You can follow Monika on Facebook here.

See more about Miss Universe here.

Follow Novo shoes on Facebook here.

Josie's Juice: How did you start in the world in pageants? Was it a conscious step, or did it all just lead to that path?

Monika RadulovicAs a child and teenager, I couldn't have imagined in my wildest dreams that I would become Miss Universe! But it all fell into place really naturally. For me growing up, education has always been really important so I made the conscious decision in high school that I wanted to go to university. I studied psychology and when I completed my honours degree I decided to take a year off to give my mind a rest after all those years of studying and work as a model full-time. Although I really loved the industry, I get like I had a lot more to give then just being a model, and thought Miss Universe Australia was an amazing platform to allow me to do that! I'm still so humbled an honoured to think that I have been given this incredible opportunity!

JJ: How do you keep genuinely upbeat in such a competitive environment based on good looks, education, and personality?

: One of my favourite quotes is "A flower does not think of competing to the flower next to it- it just blooms." This basically sums up the mantra and attitude I have towards the Miss Universe competition (and life). I try not to compare myself to others, but instead focus on being the best Me that I can be; being a good person, being kind to others and embracing what makes me different and unique. I think that's such an important thing all of us need to remember when we start comparing ourselves to others.

JJ: How are you feeling in the lead up to Miss Universe, and how are you preparing?

: I’m so excited! We are still waiting to hear the official announcement of where and when the pageant will take place so there's still a big element of surprise! I've got a wonderful support team of amazing professionals helping me prepare in all components of the competition; fitness, catwalk, interview skills and more.

JJ: Tell me more about your new Novo campaign?

: I'm so honoured to be the face of Novo Shoes! It's so wonderful to support an Aussie brand like Novo, and I love the fact that the shoes are so on-trend but very affordable. It means all budding fashionistas are able to rock the trends without breaking the bank and I'm all for that! Shooting the spring/summer campaign was fantastic- the whole crew was incredible, and there are so many sexy, fun and playful shoes coming for Spring and Summer!

JJ: Tell us how Hypoxi has helped you in achieving the shape you want to be?

: The staff at the Hypoxi studio at Mascot have been so wonderful working alongside my training program and healthy lifestyle to ensure I'm the healthiest and fittest I can be on the international stage. The machines combine high and low pressure with exercise to aid in targeted fat burning in stubborn areas. They also increase blood flow throughout the body to improve the skin tone and texture, so I've really noticed a difference in the firmness and glow of my skin!

JJ: Your family story is incredible: tell me your earliest memories of your time before you came to Australia? And how did you find growing up in Australia?

: I was really young when I came to Australia so I don't remember much before we arrived. It was a really difficult time when we first arrived to Australia since we literally had nothing except the shirts on our backs, but my parents shielded me from all of the hardships we faced so all the memories I have are of a really nice, normal childhood. I'm so grateful for my parents and everything they sacrificed to make sure my brother and I had a better life; they truly are my heroes!

JJ: How are your parents reacting to your success? And your sister?

: They are all really proud of me! They have always said the most important thing in life is being a good person, so as long as I strive to do that, everything else will fall into place. They were really moved and emotional to hear how much I praised them in my interviews; they think they just did what any parents would do in that situation.. They are so humble they don't even realise how amazing they are!

JJ: What is your long term goal with where you want to take this new career, and have you imagined possibly winning the title for Australia?

: At the moment, my long term goal is solely focused on this year and making sure I am the best ambassador for our beautiful Australia as I possibly can be! I definitely think Australia deserves to win the international title so I am striving to do it for all of us!

JJ: Who is a style icon? And a business icon?

: A style icon of mine definitely has to be the iconic Audrey Hepburn. Her style is so timeless and I'm in awe of her effortless elegance. She was so charming and graceful, and those qualities really captivate me!

A business icon who I really respect is Elle MacPherson. She is not only one of the most successful supermodels of all time, but she has also proven herself to be of the most savvy successful businesswomen too! She has founded numerous successful business ventures following her modelling career, and her innovation really inspires me to keep achieving outside the box!

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