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Tuesday 15 September 2015

Julia Gillard Tweets Message About Malcolm Turnbull + Julie Bishop's Reaction

Former Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard has tweeted her congrats on the spectacular turn of events overnight, with Tony Abbott losing his Prime Ministership to new Prime Minister-elect Malcolm Turnbull:

And this, the photo doing the rounds - that popcorn meme of Julia Gillard, who we know was unceremoniously ousted, the same way her predecessor Kevin Rudd was.

On on another note, it's interesting to note that Deputy PM Julie Bishop has been the deputy sheriff for four different leaders.

In an interview with Channel Nine Julie Bishop revealed the emotional toll of her decision.
"I'm not enjoying this Karl [Stefanovic], it's a very difficult time," she said.
When asked about Mr Abbott's mindset and reaction following the ballot Ms Bishop looked obviously upset.
"He was calm, he was obviously very hurt. Emotionally this is a very draining time for people and I feel for Tony and I feel for Margie and his daughters. I knew them well," she said.
"I know what stresses and strains the leadership were under. It was a very difficult time for him of course, it was very emotional for everyone involved.
Photo: SMH/Andrew Meares - Prime Minister designate Malcolm Turnbull with re-elected Deputy Liberal Leader Julie Bishop on Monday night. 

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