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Monday 31 January 2011

Burlesque and Sebastian Re-Shaper: a perfect match

I am a bit nuts about Sebastian Professional haircare products - they are hands down the best quality hair styling staples around.

And now, Sebastian renowned 'Re-Shaper hairspray' has taken centre stage as the official hairspray of Sony Pictures movie Burlesque.

Since the birth of 'Shaper' hairspray in Hollywood 25 years ago, it has been a make up must-have on movie sets, for red carpet events and behind the scenes at editorial shoots.

Re-Shaper was used on-set as the working hairspray to shape the amazing styles that transformed the actors into their characters.

“To capture the essence of Burlesque, we created looks that were highly textured and voluminous for a sexy, dramatic effect,” says Martin Samuel, hair department head on the set of Burlesque. “The styles I created for the actresses had to withstand lots of movement, shine under bright lights and restyle quickly for scene changes, so I needed a hairspray that provides strong hold, but is also reworkable for easy brushing and re-styling.”

Sebastian Professional Re-Shaper is the first ever brushable hairspray of its kind. I used this long-lasting, strong-hold, humidity-resistant hairspray yesterday in the stupidly hot Sydney weather we're having and it kept its promise.

It's never stiff or sticky; the dry vapour formula allows for brushable, layerable, workable locks – keeping your style in place every time. I'm in love.

Re-shaper hairspray (400ml) is $31 or $9.50 for 50ml.

To apply, spray on damp hair and blow-dry for a root boost. Or spritz during blow-drying to capture tousled movement and protection from humidity. Or mist over finished style for day-to-night controlled hold. And you can restyle into any shape.

For stockists, see 1300 728 333 or go to http://www.sebastianprofessional.com/.

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