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Tuesday 25 January 2011

L'Oreal Star Products of 2010

I am a bit of a make-up philanderer - I will try anything and everything, and fall in love on a daily basis with myriad beauty products.

In all my years as a former beauty editor - and currently as beauty writer - I have found that I am really rather partial to L'Oreal products. A bit in love, actually.

In fact, L'Oreal eyeshadows are all I use (have you seen - and felt - these amazingly longlasting formulations and colour palettes? You'd be pretty loyal too!)

The L'Oreal Brow Stylist is my absolute staple - and brings to full circle my love affair with the brand: I first tried a L'Oreal product (a version of their brow pencil) back in 1998 in Memphis of all places. I came across a huge department store and was mesmerised by the huge L'Oreal display. As my brows have always been fair (Italian roots? You wouldn't think so!) this soon became my 'desert island' staple, my can't live without beauty must-have. If I do one thing to my face in the AM to look decent, it's my brows. This baby never fails me.

The gold and silver palettes I use often (beyond fab on eyelids) and the Elvive Total Repair Night Elixir leaves hair molten-soft without lifting a finger.

The mascaras, wowser - essential. The moisturisers - never failed me (tinted ones? Oh my - too brill). The Youth Code range takes skincare on a whole other level. And that Perfect Clean with the cute gizmo sponge - my skin feels so alive after I wash off my daily masterpiece.
So, what does L'Oreal have in store for us in 2011? Just you wait and see...

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