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Thursday 20 January 2011

Angelina Jolie's lipgloss is: Chantecaille Brilliant Gloss, in 'Love'.

So, did you spot the highlight of the 2011 Golden Globes?

No, not the scathing/hilarious Ricky Gervais monologue - the Angelina Jolie lipgloss re-apply, mid-way through the ceremony...

After some digging and research (a makeup artist friend said she knew the brand name Jolie favoured, but I wanted to check the shade), I have uncovered the brand and exact shade she slathered on her famed pillow-lips.

Jolie's makeup artist Toni G. revealed to UsMagazine.com that she often makes her lips pop with Chantecaille Brilliant Gloss in Love - a brand she's frequently used on-set and on countless red carpets.

Wanna buy one?

$42 AUD will also buy you bragging rights that you and Ange share lippies... well, in a roundabout way...


  1. As much as she is stunning here and her makeup is amazing I was a little disappointed that she applied her lipgloss in the middle of Robert DeNiro's speech {I love him}. So that was a little "rude" if you will. But other then that, THANKS for letting us know what lipgloss she did use! Lol. I think it's such a lovely shade and would work on anyone. I'm always on the hunt for pretty gloss!


  2. Completely agree with you, Globetrotter! I was like, couldn't she wait!? But then, la Jolie seemed very aware of the camera panning towards her and Brad, planning her PDAs at juuuust the right time.
    Back to the gloss... I knew it was a, er, pressing issue for beauty buffs so I went on the hunt to uncover this 'crucial' info! x

  3. agree, I was peeved when she did this too but I was secretly intrigued as to what her lipgloss of choice was.

  4. are u freaking serious people? So couldn't everyone wait when they were drinking wine during the whole show? How rude is that, you are gulping alcohol while other person is giving a speech. Leave Angie alone you jealous haters.

  5. whatever, she didn't do any harm and it's pathetic of you to pick on her like that. She just applied a damn gloss what's the big deal.

  6. Thanks for your comments, Anonymous. Totally agreed - it is so not a big deal. In any case, it made her seem a tad more 'human' to be applying gloss, rather than have her 'people' touch her up. The 'Globes' are obv. more relaxed than other awards shows... hence the copious drinking at any time during the show x