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Friday 14 January 2011

WHO magazine: QLD flood 14 page special report.

Trust WHO magazine to come up with a comprehensive report on the flood crisis in Queensland. This is what I have always loved about WHO... they create special, news-focused editions, at lightning quick speed. I recall they produced a Diana edition within a stupidly quick 48 hours after the Princess's death.

In this week's issue, onsale today, they present a 14-page special report on the QLD flood crisis. Among the stories of loss and destruction are also remarkable tales of heroism and bravery, and WHO has captured them.

They talk to those who put their own lives on the line and recounts the touching and terrifying tales of those who have been caught in the unfolding disaster.

“I can’t put into words just the force, the noise and the ferocity [of the water],” said resident Peter Souter of the flash flood that tore through Murphys Creek and then Toowoomba (on Jan. 10).

Plus, they present the most memorable, shocking and amazing photos of one of Australia’s worst ever natural disasters.

Also in this week’s WHO (kinda makes it all seem so irrelevant, yes?):

Posh Spice confirms her pregnancy with her fourth child. Who's betting she's gunning for a girl...?

Plus, who else is expecting (did they include Kate Hudson... we'll see!). Inside the celebrity baby boom.

Also, a Black Eyed Peas star confesses: ‘I’m blind’. Wowser.

And in case you haven't had your Kim Kardashian fill (starting to get mine, I think), they feature an up close and personal account of the star.

Who magazine is out now.

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