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Monday 3 January 2011

Kerry Katona - Fabulous magazine, January 2 2011

Right now, yo-yo dieters are highly sought as covergirls for 'transformation' editions of magazines the world over. Personally, I love these issues - especially the before and after shots. Inspiring, voyeuristic, satisfies my curiosity... and I secretly want them all to put the weight back on. I kid.

This one comes courtesy of the News Of The World weekly magazine, Fabulous - Kerry Katona features on the cover. She is of course the ex-wife of Brian McFadden, and subject of many a magazine story on the state of her personal affairs, spawn, boyfriends... and weight loss/gain/loss/gain... loss.

So, here she is again... all slimmed down. Until she decides to say "sod it" (probs my fave British expression) and pile it back on. In the meantime, enjoy looking at her petite (Photoshopped) bod.


  1. Do you think my Yo-Yo diet transformation will land me on the cover of GQ, Jose?

    Beau :)

  2. Hell, yeah Beau!! Perfect coverboy for GQ, honey... xx