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Thursday 13 January 2011

Sly Underwear: Dan Murray donates almost $40K worth of clothing to QLD flood victims.

How cool is this guy?

Dan Murray - the 20 year old dynamo behind burgeoning Australian undie brand Sly Underwear - is donating $37,000 worth of his fab duds (or 1500 pieces) to the Queensland flood victims.

Okay, so the poor QLD folk definitely need funds to rebuild their lives ASAP, but this supreme act of generosity is a damn good start to getting them sorted with some basics to start rebuilding their lives.

Says Dan: “Like all of us, I have seen the devastation on the news and I have good friends who have been affected greatly by these devastating floods. These people have lost everything, so the least we can do is give them some clean underwear.”

Dan has also put the call out to neighbouring businesses, encouraging them to do the same, sparing whatever stock they can - especially basics such as clothing - to fellow Australians in this urgent time of need.

And so far, one local business has answered Dan’s call to action. Deeply moved by footage on the news and first-hand reports from friends, neighbouring business Mad Keen Fishing is to donate $5000 worth of apparel to the victims.

The generosity of Aussies in times of need is legendary. Let's follow Dan's lead and give however we can.

For more on Sly Underwear, see: www.slyunderwear.com

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