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Friday 20 April 2012

Keith Urban. The Voice. The Crush. The Fragrance

Let's talk about Keith Urban.

You know where I'm going: that simmering crush you had on him... now, thanks to 'The Voice'... well, it's kinda turned into a full-blown, googly-eyed admiration.

Okay, so maybe you're not that enamoured, but at the very least you've gotten to know Nicole Kidman's husband better - and, according to an interview with Keith in the April 2012 edition of The Australian Women's Weekly "Nicole convinced him to do it, believing it would not only be an excellent showcase of his musical talent, but also a chance for Australia to properly get to know the man she fell in love with."

That, we have. 

Behold, some gratuitous pics of Keith just for you...

Oh, and if you want to smell like Keith would, you're in luck!

He has recently released his first ever fragrance, called Phoneix By Keith Urban.

The fragrance is light and subtle, but is unmistakably masculine, and it's perfect for daytime or night. 

Urban was instrumental in the creation of Phoenix, which is a modern twist on a classic aftershave - rich, leathery, sexy and masculine, and based it on the range of scents he wears.

“We looked at all of the different colognes I actually wear and started to see certain notes that were present in all of them. From there we set about defining what became Phoenix. What I was looking for was a good balance of sensual, spiritual and masculinity, and I think that’s what we’ve achieved”.

With top notes of blackberries, cognac and plum the scent then develops into middle notes of rich dark chocolate and crisp fir balsam and finally to base notes of warm cashmere wood.

Basically, it smells damn delicious on your man. [Close your eyes and imagine Keith, if that does it for you...].

Phoenix by Keith Urban is available in David Jones, Kmart and Priceline, with the Phoenix Classic Set, 30ml Cologne Spray & Deodorant at a teeny $19.95.

And to see what everyone is going on about, here is Keith's promo vid for 'The Voice':

And here are clips from Keith's hits:

So... yes? Is it Keith you are mad about on 'The Voice'?


  1. *thud* Let me just pick myself up off the floor.

    I'll have to go sniff this one out.

  2. I know, right Nessa!? There's always been something about him... but now: whoa! Lucky Nic... x
    PS: the fragrance is niiice