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Tuesday 9 April 2013

'Margaret Thatcher is dead. People's hatred lives on.'

The reaction on social media the moment news of Margaret Thatcher's death was announced was mixed to say the least.

The usual Twitter meltdown was amplified by the unfortunate hashtag which implicated the passing of Cher - #nowthatchersdead

Over on Facebook, status RIP status updates were met with passionate replies - some negative [I know my own was... and one friend thoroughly explained why she had awful memories of Thatcher's reign. She is writing a piece for Josie's Juice right now. It will be posted shortly].

Some Britons have gone to an extreme show of joy in celebrating her death.

This photo here shows that:

Other still are repulsed anyone could be celebrating the death... of anyone. Let her rest in peace with dignity, some said. She has family mourning, others pointed out.

One friend came forward and posted her thoughts about the negativity. Read on below, and feel free to comment:

"Margaret Thatcher is dead. People's hatred for her lives on. Wow how we have evolved.
I grew up in a working class family during Thatcher's reign and can vividly recall the anger and angst that defined Britain during that time.
But I say, before you condemn someone else, try standing up for something YOU believe in and see how the world will take you down. Yes, she made mistakes that affected people's lives, but if you are alive today and doing OK then why are you still holding resentment toward someone who probably had less to do with your wellbeing than you would like to believe.
As human beings we have the potential to feel hate and resentment and what better way to relieve ourselves of it than to project it at someone else. Margaret Thatcher was a human being and that, if nothing else deserves respect.
Moreover, have respect for yourself and take responsibility for your own life and actions.
Blaming others is never the answer."

What do you think?

The author of this piece is writer, editor and healer Hannah Hempenstall, below. Hannah writes her blog here.

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