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Thursday 18 April 2013

'The Honest Toddler' versus 'The Honest Company'

I follow the very funny site 'The Honest Toddler'. I wrote about it earlier this year.

It's fun, original and offers up the funny side of the devilishly 'evil' thoughts of a toddler, verbalised via Facebook and Twitter status updates. I even read recently about the woman behind the popular site, Bunmi Laditan - and she seems as cool and clever as I imagined.

I am also starting to know more about actress Jessica Alba's new kiddie-centric company 'The Honest Company', which has responded to a 'market gap' by offering a monthly subscription service providing expert-picked children’s products, delivered to subscribers’ front-doors!

But I was very surprised to just read this on 'The Honest Toddler Facebook page:

Last year Jessica Alba's The Honest Company interviewed me. Today they asked me to delete this Facebook, my Twitter and blog because they feel like you might get a natural infant's products company and satirical toddler confused. They say I should just do it because "it could get costly" for me. 


PS. Anyone know a lawyer who takes payment in Gogurts?

Cute jokes, but yeah... disappointing for 'The Honest Toddler'.

What do you make of it all?


Update: 'The Honest Toddler' has updated their Facebook page:

Update coming...on the phone with The Honest Company owners and they're being super nice. Seems like it was all a misunderstanding. I just need to promise not to sell diapers or soap. Thanks for all the support you guys. ♥ 

I think we need to have a giveaway to celebrate. What should I give away? Gogurts or Danimals?

And then, another update:

On snap! The Honest Company wants to give away a year of diapers. I'll throw in a $50 gift card to your local grocery store for some Gogurts, Danimals or PLAIN crackers with no visible seeds. If you buy swiss chard with that money I'll know. 

(thanks again you guys)

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