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Tuesday 30 April 2013

'The Thatcher' - new hairdo creating waves

A peculiar tribute has emerged following the death of former British PM Margaret Thatcher... people are asking for her hairstyle.

Yes, that coiffed-high Maggie hairdo is big biz in the UK right now.

One hairdresser in Chelsea said he had been inundated by requests for ‘The Thatcher’, as the style has become known.

Celebrity stylist Maximiliano Centini says his salon has been inundated with demands for the style... and he's booked out!

"I have not known anything like this for many years,’ said Maximiliano.

"We have now done the style for over 100 women, it is a surge. I experienced something similar when the Jennifer  Aniston style became popular but that surge built slowly - this has come completely out of the blue," Maximiliano told dailymail.co.uk

To read more, click here.

Would you ask for a 'Thatcher'?

Or maybe this version?

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