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Monday 1 April 2013

What did you give up when you got married and would like to get back?

...for me, it was reading in bed.


Almost ten years ago I gave up one of my fave things to do in bed... read in it. Because: husband goes to bed earlier than I do, always has. And he declared early on that a lamp would distract him from his sleep. Fair enough. Still supremely annoying.

And so, I only ever get to read on the couch before bed [not the same!], or on the odd occasion he gets up to watch a Liverpool football game and I am still up. Sliding into bed with a book or mag and having A LIGHT ON is awesome beyond words.

As per the old days, I only last ten minutes or less while reading, because a book in bed has this magic way of having me nod off, super-duper-relaxed.

And now... this.

My greatest purchase in our [almost] ten years of marriage.

A book light.

I know, why I didn't I do this sooner? I don't know. I was tired. I had twins. I didn't care anymore. Anyway, here we are. Behold:

What did you give up when you started to co-habitate with your partner, or start dating your partner?

Are you able to salvage it back? Would you? Share below!

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