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Tuesday 9 April 2013

'The Iron Lady' - Australian TV Re-screening

In TV news just in, Foxtel will be screening 'The Iron Lady', on Foxtel Movies Masterpiece channel tonight Tuesday April 9 [and Friday April 12] at 8.30pm.

Following the death of iconic former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher yesterday at age 87, Foxtel Movies Masterpiece is presenting the two special screenings of the double Oscar-winning film.

A reflection on Britain’s most polarising female politician [both in death and in life], it portrays the notorious rise to power of Margaret Thatcher [Meryl Streep is extraordinary in her Academy Award-winning role], a woman created much controversy during her political reign, and in the process tore down conventions of gender [and class, although many to find a voice in a man’s world. Here is the trailer:

Written by Emmy-nominee Abi Morgan and directed by BAFTA nominee Phyllida Lloyd, 'The Iron Lady' is an insightful look at one of the most notorious and dividing politician of our modern history, featuring a cast of critically-acclaimed Hollywood legends including Academy Award-winners Meryl Streep and Jim Broadbent. The lead cast is supported by Ian Glen and Harry Lloyd of HBO’s smash hit Game of Thrones.

When I watched the film I was taken aback at just how much her deterioration through her advancing dementia was a central part of the story. I was 'glad' about it not being glossed over, although it was very emotional to watch.

Foxtel Movies Masterpiece will be presenting two special screenings of The Iron Lady, tonight Tuesday, April 9 and Friday, April 12 at 8.30pm.

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