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Sunday 1 June 2014

'Friendzoned': Neel Kolhatkar and Chloe Morello - Viral Video

Have you ever been 'friendzoned'?

You know, when you're angling to be someone's boyfriend (or girlfriend) and you constantly get put in the 'friend' category? And it hurts. Are they not getting the hint? Or are they ignoring your advances and waiting for a better option to come along. Ouch.

The hilarious Australian comedian Neel Kolhatkar has teemed up with the utterly gorgeous and hugely popular Australian beauty blogger Chloe Morello to produce this video on being 'friend zoned'. Watch:

The video has been uploaded just today, in line with the announcement of Neel's new comedy shows.

To buy tickets to Neel's shows, click here.

To follow Neel on Facebook, click here.

And to follow Chloe Morello on Facebook, click here.

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