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Thursday 19 June 2014

Not Sorry: #ShineStrong - Pantene VIDEO

Are you a big 'sorry' person?

Hmmm, I am sometimes. But as I get older, less so.

Of course, I say sorry where needed and appropriate, and sometimes, an unnecessary one slips out. Or a preemptive one. Or one that really should have been said, or used to explain something someone seems confused about. Or I feel I have been misunderstood and someone has taken something the wrong way. See, there's a sorry for many occasions!

But constant 'sorries' that make me feel small when I am indeed worthy? No. No interest in those anymore. I left those behind in the 20s.

Pantene has launched the a “Not Sorry” video (see below) and has announced the "Global Shine Strong Fund' to celebrate strong women and enable women to overcome biases."

Today, Pantene has evolved its global 'Shine Strong' campaign by launching this new thought-provoking video that tackles a common but unconscious behaviour many women around the world engage in everyday: over-apologising.

Watch + share and feel free to comment:

For more, see: www.pantenebeautifullengths.com.au and you can follow Pantene on Facebook here www.facebook.com/PanteneANZ and on Twitter and Instagram here @PanteneANZ and use the #ShineStrong hashtag.

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