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Thursday 26 June 2014

Turia Pitt: 'The Australian Women's Weekly' - COVER

The choice by 'The Australian Women's Weekly' to have burns survivor, author and hugely inspirational woman Turia Pitt on the cover of the July 2014 edition is admirable, joyous and triumphant to see, and demonstrates, as always, why the largest selling magazine in the country comes up trumps with exclusives and groundbreaking stories. Here is the breathtaking cover:

Turia is one of the incredible women chosen to part of a new panel of judges for the second annual 'Women of the Future', which is a scholarship competition searching for the "leaders of tomorrow (open now, winners announced in October).

Reading about Turia's story in The Australian Women's Weekly leaves you feeling that you'd love her as your close friend, the person who'd help put your life in perspective and who you'd turn to in a crisis. Read more about her in the insightful story by Bryce Corbett in the July edition.

And read an intro to her story on the AWW site here.

She's also quite mesmerising to watch on camera. Her forthrightness has you engaged from the get go.

Here is Turia's story on 60 Minutes, filmed in August of last year:

And then, these:

And this was Turia's first appearance on 60 Minutes:

What do you thick of Turia?

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