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Monday 15 December 2014

The person behind #illridewithyou: @sirtessa

Who is the champion person behind the newest hashtag on social media #illridewithyou - it's a young woman, age 33, who calls herself a 'cranky little hermit crab', an Australian with a loud voice who has just become the person to create the biggest trending social media in the world right now. Yes, that's right - the biggest trending hashtag in the world.

You can follow her on Twitter here - she's at @sirtessa.

She writes a blog page called Silence Without, and you can see her writing here.

And here she is, the ledge:

Here are her 'stats', taken from her site:

Vital Statistics

  • Name: Tessa
  • Location: Melbourne, Australia
  • :: alive since 1981.
  • :: not a writer
  • :: but writes anyway
  • :: bookwyrm
  • :: paid to be a monkey with a typewriter
  • :: 7wishes ToC
  • :: 365 Project
  • :: xml feed
  • :: lj feed
  • :: shoutout

And in light of the still ongoing Sydney siege unfolding right now, she decided that all Muslim Australians should feel safe when they are travelling on public transport. And so, a few hours ago she created that hashtag:

After she saw this, posted a few hours before:

She then followed it up with this:

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