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Thursday 8 October 2015

Justin Bieber Penis PHOTO #whatdoyoupeen

Oh, c'mon.

You know you wanna...

The Justin Bieber naked shot is doing the rounds... he didn't know there were paps hanging around?

Um... #whatdoyoupeen?

In a NY Daily News exclusive, they have publsihed shots of Justin's pee pee, with the headline:

EXCLUSIVE PICTURES: Justin Bieber goes for naked swim while vacationing with model Jayde Pierce in Bora Bora 

Except... it's all covered up with funny little (?!) pics atop his private bits.

I am kinda glad about that... because we really DON'T need to see it all... do we? Nope.

Click here for more.

Credit goes to US Cosmopilitan writer Alex Rees for the #whatdoyoupeen hashtag... and... an eggplant emoji... ;)

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