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Monday 23 May 2011

The Amazing Race Australia - are you a fan?

Are you a fan of The Amazing Race?

Gosh, there have been so many series I've lost count. In the early days, I certainly never missed an ep.

The latest series - this time with Australian contestants for the very first time - has reeled me back in.

I already have a fave couple - the genetically blessed Anastasia and Chris. Can this Greek-Aussie couple be any more attractive? Gosh, I really want them to fight, though. Isn't that why we tune in? To see the explosive arguments? In the early days, my friends and I would often pose the hypothetical question - "would you go on the show?"

My answer has always been a resounding 'no'! I can barely cope if hubby gives me the wrong directions on the way to a party, let alone in the midst of a comp. Which is televised. To win big bucks. Never! Plus, my fitness and endurance levels are crap.

I do also enjoy the antics - and obvious hawtness - of model couple Sam and Renae. Would I like to see them crash and burn? No. Get their hair messed up and in desperate need of a mani? Yes!

Will you be tuning in every Monday at 8.30pm? I will. And I will enjoy fast forwarding to the crazy tiffs. Bring it.

Watch The Amazing Race Australia trailer here:

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