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Tuesday 31 May 2011

Slaughtering cattle - humane versus inhumane: the Four Corners investigation

You've probably seen, most definitely heard about the explosive Four Corners episode entitled "A Bloody Business."

You can watch the whole ep here (warning, graphic footage): http://www.abc.net.au/4corners/special_eds/20110530/cattle/

After watching it, please sign this petition (I did, and it felt good. Pass it on):


The story centres around the extreme cruelty inflicted on Australian cattle exported to Indonesian slaughterhouses.

Right from the start, before I'd viewed the footage even, all I kept thinking about (in addition to those beautiful animals) was how appalled Temple Grandin would be.

Don't know who she is or what she represents? Watch this:

We all know cows are slaughtered, and yes many of us like to eat meat, but there is much merit, logic, and heart to treating God's animals with the respect they deserve before meeting their inevitable death.

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