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Thursday 26 May 2011

Kim Kardashian's engagement ring - too much?

When is something just a little 'too much'?

When does an object surpass 'tasteful' and head into 'vulgar-big' territory?

Right about... now?

Kim Kardashian's engagement has spawned a (pre-planned, prepped probs two weeks ago) People magazine cover, a pap frenzy for the first shot of her ring (et voila!), and no-doubt myriad PR opps for the family who have made a living out of sniffing out the best press possible.

What do you think?

Is this a tad OTT? Or do you think, well, it's their money they can spend it how they like?

The custom 20.5 carat diamond ring was designed by jeweller Lorraine Schwartz (with help from Kris Humphries, Kim's new fiance) and is reportedly worth almost US$2 million (A$1.9 million). Too much?



  1. Why is it too big? I love big jewellery and clearly the fiance thought it was the one he wanted to get her regardless of cost or size.

    He obviously thought bigger was better....lol.

    Besides, just because one might think it too big, doesn't mean someone else will. Personally, I just don't like diamonds.

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