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Wednesday 25 May 2011

Teen Mom 2 - now screening on MTV (plus, make a 'virtual baby'!)

What to say about a series called Teen Mom 2, the spin-off of the MTV documentary series 16 and Pregnant?

To be honest, the promo clip - with the cute teddy, guiding the teen away from malevolent sutuations - had me intrigued from the start. Who wouldn't want a stuffed toy to flick the channel to Dora, averting your child's eyes while you're busy pashing your partner. Ahem.

The show follows the stories of four girls from the second season of 16 and Pregnant and documents the challenges of their first years of motherhood. Each episode interweaves stories of four teenage girls who are navigating the bumpy terrain of adolescence, growing pains, and coming of age - all while facing the responsibility of being a young mother.

Each story gives a look into the myriad challenges young mothers face: family support (or lack thereof), money, rumours amongst their community, finishing school, starting uni, getting a job and all the things teens are going through - except these mere kids have their own kids in tow, immediately upping the difficulty factor.

As someone who has navigated life with twins (with the support of a partner), I wouldn't wish that kinda tough road on my enemy. It is heart-warming, though, to see these determined girls having a good go at a less-than-ideal life situation.

Wanna know what it'd be like? The MTV Australia Facebook page has an app for a 'virtual baby'. Maybe this should be mandatory for all parents-to-be, longingly looking at nursery colours and cute matchy-matchy baby outfits. That'll give you a wake-up call, peeps...

See: https://www.facebook.com/MTVAUSTRALIA?ref=ts&sk=app_4949752878

Teen Moms 2 airs Sundays at 5pm on MTV.

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