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Thursday 26 May 2011

The Hangover 2 - first look + (kinda) review

Director Todd Phillips

Here are some movie stills from one of the most highly anticipated movies - and sequels - of the year, The Hangover Part II.

Watching the preview on Tuesday at Sydney's George Street Event cinema there was certainly an air of expectation. 

The resounding question from jealous pals was: is it funnier than the first? Well, yes and no.

The first 20 minutes is like waiting for a mate to recount a joke you hope - for their sake - will have a killer punch line.

There are a few lines in the first frames which are so lame they are met with a smattering of laughs in the room. And some character traits in Alan (Zach Galifianakis) I didn't see coming... was he really that nasty to his folks in the first one?

The laughs only really come when they get themselves into may-jah strife.

Best not to give away what will become the talking points of the movie (ladyboy alert! Oh, sorry...).

Suffice to say, here is what you need to know.

- Is Bradley Cooper beyond-words hot? YES.
- Will you see Mr Chow's small penis? YES.
- Will Stu be up shit creek? Um, YES.
- Will Alan ruin the night out, but end up being the saviour? YES.
- Is Bradley Cooper beyond-words hot? Hello?
- Does Mel Gibson make a cameo? NO.
- Does Bradley Cooper rock a pair of aviator sunnies like nobody's business? YES!

The Hangover Part II is now showing.

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