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Sunday 15 May 2011

Sydney Harbour Bridge protestor, Michael Fox. Agree or disagree?

Did you see the Karl Stefanovic interview with the Sydney Harbour Bridge protestor, Michael Fox on 60 Minutes tonight?

It was pretty powerful stuff (check back for link - up soon).

Also powerful was his protest the other day.

Unless you were actually stuck in the traffic, perhaps.

Here is a backgrounder on what happened:


Even before I saw the 60 Minutes interview, where the faceless man suddenly had a voice and an opinion (he did also speak to Karl - from the Bridge - talking him through why he was protesting, as well as a radio station or two), I found myself feeling much empathy for Michael, and his plight.

What do you think? Are you in a situation where you are desperate to see your children, post-relationship split? Has DoCS let you down? Do you agree with Michael's actions? Would you imagine you'd ever be driven to do the same?

Speak up (remain anonymous if you like) here.

(Photo credit: http://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/)


  1. Dear Josie,
    Thanks for your post.
    Just like Michael, I have been let down by the Family Court of Australia whose judges have consistently protected the mother of my child in spite of her consistently breaching the federal orders in place.
    Just like Michael, DoCS failed to act to protect my child in spite of numerous reports made by neighbours whenever he and his siblings were being subjected to abuse - physical, emotional and psychological - from his very own mother.
    I agree with Michael and with what he has done (in spite of having been affected by his actions on Friday morning) given that I know so many fathers in his very same situation, I knew that it was just a question of time until someone took such drastic actions.
    Unlike Michael though, I still see my child from time to time but wish I could see more of him.
    Please post the URL to the interview as I missed it and wish I could see it properly.

  2. I agree with Mr Fox's actions and his cause. BTW, I missed 60 minutes last night. Does anybody have a URL where I can watch it today?

  3. Hello anonymous, thanks for your comment. Yes, have contacted 60 Minutes to send the link ASAP. I will pop it up as soon as I get my hands on it.

  4. Thank you Anonymous for posting your comment and expressing your opinion - and for providing a different perspective on the issue.

  5. Have seen this coming for 15 years. It is cruel a disgrace and shameful that our society is and has been supporting so called good mothers to deprive shared responsibilities (limiting contact rights) to the children's natural fathers for no other reason other than monetary gain and that is what has been occuring for a very long time. This mans frustration is totally understood by many people. Chin up Mick!!!

  6. I think it’s irresponsible for the press to be giving this man more air time and misleading the public. You’ve only heard one side of the story, I would be interested to hear what his ex wife has to say.

    And judging by his actions is it any wonder that he is havng trouble seeing his kids? This was not a peaceful protest, it was a violent and threatening act coordinated by the loony extremist father’s rights groups opposing the new family law amendments that are being tabled in order to better protect children and their carers from family violence.

    There has been a spate of them all around the world over the last few years by a group known as fathers for justice.

    This controlling and coercive action is a very good example of how these abusers work - he used threats and violence instead of taking responsibility for his own mental health. He has also tapped into a society that still think women are evil and that the courts, the child support agency and anyone else except him is responsible for his problems.

    "He said that he had equipment that could cause danger to commuters and so had left a note with his truck to close the bridge"...
    "In a note allegedly left in the truck, he told police: ''You've taken my kids; I have taken your bridge. Be aware. I'm an Australian veteran and highly trained former elite soldier. Do whatever is asked and this will start and end peacefully.'' Police did exactly as they were asked. They stopped traffic, they blocked pedestrian, bike and train access and no one attempted to follow him to his perch.
    ''If anyone attempts to climb to the upper arch of the bridge during this protest, the consequences will be fatal''

    The proposed law changes specifically target the use of suicide threats as a means to coerce and control, this also thankfully debunks the myth that men are being driven to suicide by the court system, docs, csa etc etc. Men do this to themselves and need to take responsibility.

    It's not about your kids, it's about you. Like many men who stuff up their family life ending in separation and divorce, you want to lash out and blame everybody else - DOCS, the schools, your ex. What gives you the right to disrupt the lives of thousands of people trying to get to work this morning - people who are earning an honest crust to look after themselves and their families? Is this how you prove what a great father you are? Do you really think your kids will be proud of what you have done? The example you have given them is that if you don't get your own way, throw a tantrum. Have a good look at yourself Mick, then get some psychological help. Maybe then you just might get access to your kids.

  7. Sometimes there are good reasons why parents are banned from having contact with their children. This looks like it's one of them. This bum needs to be thrown in gaol.

  8. Its a disgrace that the media let this wack job have a soap box. Do your research... Find out this mans real background and motivations, you may not be so fond of him !

  9. Hi Josie,

    I have come over from www.singlemotherforum.com that posted your blog link on this subject.
    Is this another Arthur Freeman who threw his daughter Darcy off of the Westgate Bridge when he felt he didn't get ENOUGH access because he was found to be mentally affected? What do we REALLY know about this guy, apart from the fact that he has an ego the size of King Kong, and does extreme acts to get attention? He has another "unrelated" court case coming up - what for? Why can't he see his kids? Perhaps the courts made this order for a reason - to protect them? How comfortable would you be with the thought of this guy having access to his kids, perhaps bringing them along with him on a drive over the Harbour Bridge that day - or any day?
    Think twice before you feel sympathy - there may well be a cowering child/ren in this equation, terrified that "Commando" Daddy is going to get unsupervised access to them...

  10. To be honest, he worries me and I think they might be a good reason for not having access to his children.

    He stages this crippling protest (my husband was caught in the protest), makes threats he can do real damage to structure or people or both. Bully boy, I-haven't-got-my-way antics.

    He says he is a veteran and reports he is a former SAS solider and has worked security in Afghanistan. He associates with bikies, gets himself shot last year, the same time another person is allegedly murdered.

    I would like to hear what the mother/ex-wife has to say. It's hard only hearing one side of the story, she may be unfit to parent as well. That's where DoCS should be watching and removing, if necessary, the children from both parents.

    DoCS does not have the funds nor the expertise to properly assess a family situation these days, the outcome is always tragedy.

    Let's not forget what happened to Darcey Freeman in Victoria either, her father threw her off the Westgate Bridge and killed her. Revenge on the mother. Tragic outcome.

    Finally, there's always three sides to a story, his, hers and the truth.

  11. Look up Parental Alienation Syndrome - its a debunked diagnosis and whats more, the guy who coined the phrase was labelled a crackpot.. he eventually topped himself, although I dont know if this is actually related. Also, Mick was involved in a Bikie shooting last year where he was injured by gunfire.. hardly a case of 'Poor Daddy'.
    My guess? The ex wife has run off scared from this guy 10 weeks ago when his house (with them in it) was engulfed in fire.
    In any event, the Media are digging more and more up on this guy everyday. Dont be surprised if he turns out to be the anti-hero in all of this.

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. This man is a disgusting father.

    Honestly, if he was a wonderful father and husband he'd have everything he wanted because no "lies" told by his ex would stick.

  14. I have just re-contacted 60 Minutes and they assure me the link will be up later today. Check back here and I will definitely have it up for you to view. Josie

  15. UPDATED: the 60 Minutes link is now up, see blog post above.

  16. Get over it. The bloke made a peaceful protest and a valid point. So he inconvenienced people what do you think protests do.

    Anyone else having trouble with the 60 minutes link.

  17. Poor Michael.....I DON'T THINK SO.

    Dead set crackpot. Wife Beater.
    Thinking only his wife was at home, mysterious house fire wee hours of the morning.
    An interview with his wife may be interesting but...you'll never find her...she's been in hiding (police protection ??)for over 6 months.

  18. This nutty, left wing, man hater, feminist thing is absolute rubbish and is yet another example of the rampant myth making that goes on in order to skew and exploit the real issues at stake. Do your research, look at the statistics and re - aquaint yourself with the word Feminism, it means equality. Why is that such a threat to you?

  19. Ugh thank god this guy is yesterday's news. He's a yobbo with a rope trying to assert an agenda how original.

    By the by, his point was clearly missed. The relevant authorities were more concerned about security breaches rather then what his point was. You know what would be great, if he was forced to pay back the $2.2M that Sydney lost in production.

    Yawn. Lets move on shall we?

  20. Hello all, the link issue seems to have been sorted. You can click on it now and it will take you there.

  21. MichaelFox is a thug! This is true. Every word of it. I am 60 years of age and have 4 children. A year ago he paid me a visit and tried to extort $1.0 mill from me. He was sent by a businessman who is currently being investigated by Liquor and Gaming Squad NSW for unlicensed fund raising on a commercial scale for Kids for Cancer and others. Allegations surfaced that little or no money surfaced for thoses charities. Fox threatened me and demanded that I pay $1.0mill to a former business associate with whom I was in dispute. He told me he did work for the Australian Federal Police.He told me he had a military background and had just come back from Somalia where he negotiated the release of hostages from pirates. Has anyone really checked his self claimed military background? No one in the Defence Force has confirmed anything. Fox told me he has "his Melbourne connections" who will "escalate the violence" unless I co-operated. Mick Fox you didn't give a "toss" for my 4 children or my family unit when you used your "highly trained military background" to intimidate a 60 year old businessman. You demonstrated to me that you are nothing more than a standover merchant who will do the bidding of any dubious character who pays you.

    Karl I almost vomited when I listened to Fox on 60 minutes. Check this guy out thoroughly and you will find a person who is not what he is trying to portray.

  22. I dunno about Michael Fox specifically, i suppose that's part of the trouble - all these things happen without scrutiny.

    I can tell you, the ability for one parent to revoke access, with the exception of 2 hours supervised (by anyone, ie: say grandparent, so that way their testimony isn't admissibly in further actions) is very possible, and from my experience, you can walk into almost any pub, ask the men if they are divorced and if they see their kids - you'll find at least 1 in every pub that don't. Perhaps there's some exceptions, but they don't all deserve not to see their kids. It's easy to target one person, its hard to prove the reality. There are many areas in our society where womens rights still need alot of work. but i believe, when it comes to children, there are alot of instances where they revoke the rights of their children, as well as their fathers. To me, that's just a sad fact. Similar to the fact that we're here because we invaded a country and called the black people animals till the 1970s, not popular, but factually a breach of human rights.

  23. I'm finding the post above a litle confusing. Perhaps the fathers should spend less time in the pub and more time taking responsibility for themseleves and their situations.

    A clearer picture of this thug is emerging. He appears to be a mercenary hired by the fathers groups to sway and distort public opinion on the much needed family law changes.

    A pretty stupid move if you ask me....

  24. For all the innocent fathers and mothers out there that that have been alienated from their children by their ex wives/husbands/partners my heart goes out to you. It is too easy to make false allegations that then tear children away from the other parent. Our court system is overflowing with cases where vindictive ex's have lead their children into the lion's den. My advice... never use your children's love that they have for you to damage their relationship the other parent. Bad mouthing and brainwashing against the other parent is a cruel form of child abuse.

  25. This false allegations thing is a furphy. There are numerous studies with factual evidence that prove women do not routinely make up false allegations of violence.

  26. I acknowledge that violence does exist and in these cases the court must act to protect children but it is far too easy for vindictive mothers and fathers to make claims of abuse that then prevent children from having a meaningful realtionship with both parents. So no Furphy it is a stark reality for some!

  27. I am discusted in some of the comments here and u really need to be in the shoes of a father or mother that has no access to there children.It is about time that someone has stood up and shown what sort of a messed court system that is out there.Even if Micheal Fox is a crook he is grieving the fact that he cannot see his children she should be the one answering court questions.Until you feel the pain of not seeing your children then stop judjing the situation shame on all of u .

  28. Maybe you should do your research and find out just why "poor Mick" isnt seeing his children in the first place.

  29. I think the point is being missed..this is not about judging one person or gender. No parents are perfect & this is not really a male/female issue at all so open your minds a bit.
    The propoganda & blame game seems to stop people from seeing the real issues here.....divide & conquer - our capitalist consumerism society pits us against one another(racism, sexism, religious differences etc)using propoganda to keep us busy & focused away from the is really going on in the world in a big way.
    I wonder if there are any research figures showing how much money is made in these processes?? Many would be out of a job I suspect!
    When things defy logic (in this case the wellbeing of our children) I find there is usually a money motivation behind it...we wonder where the money for the kids has gone & how to support the kids??? Why the kids are upset???Well it easy to blame the ex HOWEVER it can be an expensive & complex processes for separation, divorce, property sales & settlements, child support, court expenses, solicitors, barristers, family dispute, mediators, counsellors, police, psychologists, assessors, doctors & medical bills, medications & self medications (alcohol, smokes & drugs legal or not)...not to mention the relocation process with two lots of housing, contents (x2 for children if you're lucky)& ongoing assoc. expenses required when one household becomes two.
    Domestic violence goes both ways as it is not just physical, it does not start all of a sudden but creeps in...it is a symptom of a sick society where fear, opression, disempowerment & eventually violence is widespread & being sold by the media which is owned by those who would control us if we let them. It has become a vicious cycle that makes money & damages our precious babies & our spirit along with it.
    Males & females actually compliment each other with their differences but now we are made to compete, blame & resent one another...
    Come on women & men need to work together on this to make the world a better place by starting in our homes & for our children to teach a new concept...stop bringing the worst out in each other & work on solutions...get some education & tolerance for others even if you can't live with them.
    Can we find some common ground & look at the big picture???
    This is not a simple issue but we can start by the KISS approach to start (pardon the pun) & keep our eye on the ball, or in this case our kids, and stop being sidetracked.

  30. I know the wife and the kids of Michael Fox.

    He is an evil man, a mercenary, a killer, an extortionist and stand over man for bikies, and associates with the Melbourne underworld, just to name just a few of his virtues. His wife and kids have been mentally and physically harmed by this man and are in hiding under police protection. They live an assumed life and live in constant fear he will one day find them and take revenge. He tried to kill his wife by burning down their former home when he thought his wife was in the house alone. This week he faced court to spill the beans on how he went as a stand over man with a senior member of the Nomad's Bikie Gang to collect a 2.5m dollar debt where his bikie mate was murdered and Fox was shot trying to escape. This man is a danger to his wife and kids, her family and society in general, the sooner the Hells Angels or the Nomads get him for squealing, the better of Australia will be.

  31. For those supporters of this despicable thug - here is the proof!