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Wednesday 4 May 2011

Marie Claire: June 2011 - Kate Hudson

The June issue of Marie Claire is out now and features a stunning black and white pic of the never-ageing Kate Hudson.

The pregnant actress says in the feature story: "I do like my independence. I like to be supportive, but I definitely have quite a life on my own, which I really love, whether it's with my friends or my career. I think sometimes that's enticing to men at first, and then it's a little..." she pauses, then laughs, "threatening after?"

Other highlights include a features story on how burlesque is making a comeback... in the 'burbs. The photography is just breathtaking.

Plus an alarming report revealing that on any given night, more than 30,000 Australians aged between 12-25 years old are homeless and living on the streets. The question is raised by the writer of the piece (and the magazine's associate editor, features) Craig Henderson: why, with a government who has pledged over $6 billion to halving homelessness by 2020, is the situation seemingly getting worse?

Look out for the beautiful pics - and listing of top beauty products - from the 2011 Prix De Marie Claire event.

Marie Claire June 2011 is on-sale now.

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