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Saturday 28 February 2015

Guy Sebastian - Madness Tour: Review

Seeing Guy Sebastian in concert is quite the experience.

Whether you were a fan back in the day when he was the guy with the 'fro who'd won 'Australian Idol' back in 2003, or you've become a new fan, enjoying the new brand of Guy, featuring Lupe Fiasco et al, this now 33 year old Australian singer is hot property. As he wraps up his first arena tour with Australia, Josie's Juice attest that seeing Guy live is simply incredible. He is so damn good.

Guy is now officially unstoppable, and watching him ride this wave of his increased popularity does not come by accident, nor is it something he's developed overnight. He's been working hard since the Idol days, and has the hits and positive press to prove it.

Now styled up brilliantly (his talented stylist wife Jules would no doubt have a hand in that), hair is cropped shorter, and suddenly he's cool and more handsome… and he delivers big time. The catchy choruses, the energy, the infectious songs, the joy he delivers to crowds, the anecdotes when he performs live, the connectedness. It's all there for you to sit back (and stand up!) and enjoy.

Guy opens his concert with the song 'Madness' before going into 'Animal in Me' and then the kind of epic 'Like a Drum'.
It's very clear, he owns the stage, this Guy. He's also a bloody good dancer to boot. Kudos to the choreographer  And, I can't take my eyes off his vocalist Carmen Smith - remember her? She sports a wild man of curly red hair, and she was a contestant on 'The Voice'. Her stage outfit is sensational, she too is a fantastic dancer, and her vocals are brilliant, as are all the vocalists - I do know another vocalist is Gary Pinto, from Aussie vocal group CDB… I interviewed him eons ago when he went solo.
Pre-Guy is Fatai Veamatahau, also from 'The Voice', who returns with to perform 'Lightning' with Guy.
Guy also sings 'Who’s That Girl', then tunes from his latest album: 'Elephant', 'Light and Shade', 'One of Us', 'Imagine the Sunrise' and 'The Pause'.
On 'Imagine The Sunrise', Guy introduces it with a story on why he wrote it, for someone who was terminally ill. The story chokes him up (he's SUCH a sweet softie!) and the song is glorious. My daughter and I are thrilled to spot ourselves on the video montage on the screen, with some footage of our day at the Winmalee Neighbourhood Centre, where we witnessed the opening of the centre alongside Guy and Jules and Sam Moran, all aided by The Sebastian Foundation. Yep - these guys are truly the embodiment of lovely Christian values they hold dear, and it's evident in all they do and what they support and how they deliver.

You can donate to The Sebastian Foundation right here.

Here is a clip of 'Imagine The Sunrise':

Guy intros sings bits of cover song including John Legend’s smash 'All of Me' and Macklemore’s 'Thrift Shop' and the fab 'All to Myself' (gosh I love the lyrics to that song).

One of the bets moments is hearing the audio and seeing the footage of Guy's 'Australian Idol' win (he was the first!), and Guy sings  'Angels Brought Me Here' (I forgot how much I love that song), before going into a decidedly more energetic and fabulous set list: 'All I Need is You', 'Out With My Baby', 'Oh Oh' and 'Elevator Love', 'Art of Love' (ah, yes!) and 'Like It Like That.'

And then… kapow!

His latest hit 'Linger' (obsessed!), in which Guy sings his part AND Lupe's rap. Too good. He then continues with 'Battle Scars' and 'Mama Ain’t Proud' (epic dancing and performing for this one).

He then finishes with his 'Gold' (I forgot how much I love this super fabulous track, and how fabulous Carmen sounds).

The crowd screams with delight as gold confetti is showered onto them. What a night! This Guy knows how to entertain his adoring and appreciative crowd, and ensures all leave feeling uplifted, happy, and entertained.

Guy truly is one of our best.

The 'Madness' tour finishes up in Perth tonight - snap up some last minute tickets while you can! Guy's totally worth it. Click here to buy now.

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