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Monday 16 February 2015

'The Katering Show': Thermomix + Viral VIDEOS

These two. SO, so funny!

'The Katering Show', a set of Australian-made, going-viral videos quite frankly taking the piss out of cooking and the 'food porn' generation.

Here is their description of the show:

Fill the void in your life by joining celebrity chef, Kate McLennan, and her food intolerant friend, Kate McCartney, as they cook their way into the Food Culture Revolution with a series of edible recipes*!
Watch as The Kates create food intolerant-friendly meals and explore modern culinary trends like quitting sugar, food porn, food trucks and drinking shit out of jars! They road test everybody’s favourite culinary moneysuck, the Thermomix, and sample a range of libations like wine, whiskey and kombucha, the hot new drink that combines parasitical fungi with intestinal spasming!
The Katering Show! Change your life through the power of good food and even better Friendship**.
* The Katering Show accepts no responsibility for side effects incurred from consuming dishes cooked within the series or presented on this website.
 ** Friendship is a trademark of The Katering Show Horse Dancing Spectacular and Motorboat Hire Pty Ltd.
Here are some of the best videos from this duo: starring, written and directed by Kate McCartney and Kate McLennan, and produced by Tamasin Simpkin. (So far, the food porn vid is THE BEST):

Follow 'The Katering Show' here: http://thekateringshow.com which feature all their social media platforms.

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