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Thursday 19 February 2015

Nonna Paola Meets Josie's Juice: VIDEO + PHOTOS

Today, I was fortunate to spend the afternoon with the biggest internet sensation right now, Nonna Paola.

We met at her niece Bettina's suburban deli in Sydney's Condell Park (called Condell Park Continental Delicatessen). We'd organised it with her son Greg, who'd been in communication with Josie's Juice, to meet up, and we were delighted we could meet face to face. It was a real highlight for me.

In typical Nonna Paola fashion, when we met she did not know who I was but accepted my hello and kiss anyway. She's a sweetheart. There will be more of our chat in a future blog post.

I met Greg and we all had some impromptu pics, taken by Bettina (now posted on the Nonna Paola Facebook page).

In true Italian hospitality style, Bettina served up a super delicious antipasto platter, with possibly the most delicious capsicum I've tasted, and a kick arse olive oil drizzled over nonna-style bread. And the sundried tomatoes… oh my. Okay, okay… enough about the food we ate. I can't help it, though! I spied in the deli window later that the deli sells cronuts! Chocolate ganache and salted caramel and more… I will be back very soon

So, while we shared thoughts and musings on life, I became even more enamoured with Nonna Paola (I won't lie - she reminds me of my late mother, who I only lost six months ago, plus all the many wonderful Calabrese women I've spoken to over the years).

This is the impromptu video I took of Nonna Paola, with her and Greg's permission, with Nonna Paola expressing her love for the antipasto platter Bettina (known as Tina to her friends) created for us:

And here's the selfie we took together, below.

I think it was her first one. But now that her star is rising, it won't be the last.

Did you catch Nonna Paola's segment on the Today show? Karl loves her - of course. Here is that segment. And here are more of her in one spot, yes including that tattoo one. Oh, and THAT now famous Siri video is right here in full. Viral madness now.

And more pics from our impromptu feast:

Nonna Paola and us - sharing a platter of antipasto and fresh Italian bread

Nonna Paola and her niece Bettina
Inside Bettina's deli with Greg, Nonna Paola, Josie, and Bettina

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