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Sunday 1 February 2015

'I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here' Australia 2015: VIDEOS + PHOTOS

'I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here' - the first Australian version of this fab madness - is coming to our screens… are you keen to watch?

For the record: I am! I can't help it. It has all the elements I look for in a reality TV show: fun TV celebrities, low thinking required so I can continue writing or posting on social media, some fun Aussie light entertainment (I am NOT looking forward to watching, say, worms being ingested, and cockroaches in sealed, clear 'vaults' for our viewing pleasure - noooo!)…it's all there in the show, screening on Channel Ten, and hosted by the fantastic Julia Morris and the gorgeous 'TV Vet' Dr Chris Brown:

There has been lots of speculation about who is going in. One I know/think is entering the house is: Melissa Joan Hart. (She started following me on Twitter… I found that unusual). So far, she has not made an appearance… can it be we were all thrown a TV 'red herring'?

Another celeb pretty much confirmed is the stunning and super-lovely-in-person Laura Dundovic. The hilarious Chrissie Swan (please let this be true!). And many more… check here for updates on the night's premiere: Sunday February 1, 2015 on Channel Ten at 6.30pm.

Updated, 6.40pm:

Here is the list of celebrities in the South African jungle:

Laura Dundovic (model) Joel Creasy (comedian)
Lauren Brant (ex Hi-5)
Chrissie Swan (all 'round legend from TV, radio, books, fashion)
Merv Hughes (ex Aussie cricketer)
Maureen McCormick ('The Brady Bunch' - 'Marcia Brady')
Barry Hall (ex-AFL)
Tyson Mayr ('The Naked Traveller')
Andrew Daddo (TV star - there always has to be a Daddo in there… bless!)
Leisel Jones (ex Aussie Olympic swimmer)

Here are all their official show profile pics:

Here is an intro clip:

Here is the 'office' for the fabulous hosts, in the heart of the South African jungle:

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