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Tuesday 31 May 2016

Rhonda Audisho: Car Accident, Death

Rhonda Audisho died 24 hours ago, and the Fairfield community is grieving.

The story has all the elements of a tragic death: young (only 17), an avoidable death (car accident), and so much living still to do.

I, like everyone else, heard the news headlines this AM - and really listened. Such a tragic story, I said to my husband. Wait... it's in my neighbourhood, we saw. Poor, sweet girl. A Maccas employee, still at school and just got her P plates. All very, very sad.

You can imagine my shock when I saw the Facebook status update of a young friend. She spoke of being in the car accident, and how she and her friend survived it. But Rhonda didn't.

Says Elisa Cuciniello, the other 17 year old reported about in media reports, who was in the car with Rhonda and survived the crash, along with the third passenger, Willie Chapman, 14: "I am devastated about what happened to my friend Rhonda. I have no words."

Elisa added on her Facebook page:

"Being in the car last night and experiencing something so scary was really an eye opener. Rest easy beautiful girl, you are in a better place now. Still can't believe that you are gone, it all happened way too quickly. Wishing my baby brother a speedy recovery, so glad you're okay."

The accident happened in Wetherill Park, and investigations are still underway.

Here is a photo of Rhonda, taken from her Facebook page.

UPDATED: funeral details for Rhonda:

St Hurmizd Cathedral

7-9 Greenfield Rd, Greenfield Park
Friday June 3, at 9.30am

Elisa added these images to her Facebook page:

The news reports:

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